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Quality & Safety Systems in Aviation – QSSA

QSSA staff are highly experienced in the Canadian aviation industry and regulatory environment. We will provide expert opinions and advice on the interpretation and application of the Aeronautics Act and Canadian Aviation Regulations and associated Standards.

In addition, QSSA staff have a significant background of experience and knowledge of ICAO Annex 19 in respect to State Safety Programme (SSP) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) implementation.

QSSA performs on-site inspection and assessments combined with virtual interviews and electronic documentation reviews. Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions over the past year we have upgraded our equipment, software and procedures to effectively conduct consulting work from any client around the globe.

Through the use of encrypted electronic file sharing with our secure client service portal and video conferencing technologies, we have seen significant savings in time and costs to our clients due to removing our travel expenses. Our business model will continue to rely heavily on remote virtual service and consulting work into the future.

Global Mobility – Cross-Border Tax and Financial Planning

QSSA provides assistance to aviation workers under contract in Canada and other States to resolve issues surrounding taxation, residency, immigration, etc. QSSA has access to a network of certified tax accountants and lawyers to ensure that you are provided with expert opinions and advice.

More details on this service can be found on the Global Mobility menu tab above.

Safety Management

Canadian industry clients


⦁ Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan (CAP) development to support Transport Canada oversight program findings
⦁ SMS implementation gap analysis and maturity monitoring
⦁ Hazard & Risk Assessment
⦁ Safety Policy development
⦁ Implement “Lean Management” to remove complexity and optimize SMS processes


⦁ SMS implementation gap analysis in accordance with the AIAC SM-0001 Standard
⦁ Quality Assurance program implementation and maturity monitoring
⦁ Safety Policy development

Safety Culture

⦁ Organization Safety Culture Evaluation

International Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs)

QSSA provides assistance to States with implementation of ICAO Annex 19 State Safety Programme (SSP) on a global basis. We provide on-going assistance to CAAs in the implementation and maturity of Annex 19 State Safety Programme (SSP) after ICAO iPACK Subject Matter Expert support hours have been exhausted.
Annex 19 Services Include:

Improve State ICAO Effective Implementation (EI) Value

⦁ Assistance with State ICAO USOAP SSPIA Self-Assessment

⦁ SSP Gap Analysis with existing regulations, standards, policies and procedures
⦁ SSP implementation assistance
⦁ Safety Policy development
⦁ SSP maturity assessments
⦁ Coach and mentor inexperienced SSP/SMS practitioners
⦁ Service Provider SMS gap analysis and development

ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program – Continuous Monitoring (USOAP CMA)

If you are preparing for an upcoming ICAO USOAP SSP Maturity Assessment as part of the Global Aviation Safety Plan (GASP), QSSA can conduct a pre-assessment analysis to ensure that your assessment goes smoothly and successfully!

Our services extend to providing assistance in the development of a Corrective Action Plans (CAP) for SSPIA Findings.

USOAP services include:

⦁ Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action Plan development for Findings and Significant Safety Concerns
⦁ Technical guidance and assistance conducting follow-up and closure of previous Findings and Significant Safety Concerns
⦁ Gap analysis/assessment of the SSP

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