Social Media for SMS

Most employees follow company accounts on various social media platforms for various reasons. Companies should maximize the use of their social media company accounts to promote and support a proactive safety culture as part of a mature SMS. Continuously reinforce your company’s public safety “branding”.

SMS for Design and Manufacturing Orgs – SM-0001 – Summary

This Standard is intended to enable the aviation industry to implement a Safety Management System (SMS) consistent with the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) Annex 19 “Safety Management” Second Edition, Appendix 2, to the convention on International Civil Aviation. It can be used to support demonstration of compliance with applicable SMS regulatory requirements from Aviation

SMS – Voluntary Implementation

With the increasing efforts by countries and Civil Aviation Authorities around the globe to implement ICAO Annex 19 – State Safety Programmes (SSP), there will be increased expectations that all aviation services and products provided within the State are performed by organizations with a mature SMS that conforms to Annex 19 standards. Canadian operations currently

SMS – Keep it Simple

Custom software, integrated databases, multiple data streams, automated digital analytical tools, cloud-based mobile apps… I love all these shiny new objects marketed to help you run your SMS, but do they enhance safety, or introduce new risks? This depends on the complexity, sophistication, maturity, and safety culture of your organization. From my experience as a

ICAO/Canada Tax Treaty

It is important for anyone considering accepting a contract or employment with ICAO to be aware of the Treaty between ICAO and the Government of Canada. This agreement contains information regarding exemptions from taxation and duties, and other privileges and immunities. It should be noted that the limitations and conditions under this treaty are different

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